Nginx 3rd Party Modules

When compiling nginx you have the possibility to configure the webserver according to your needs. You can even decide to include some modules not developed directly by nginx but that can add important functionalities.

All of the modules listed below are open source software freely available on github.

1. Naxsi

Naxsi is a web application firewall specially designed for nginx. This module reads a small subset of rules containing 99% of known patterns involved in websites vulnerabilities. For example, <, | or drop are not supposed to be part of a URI.

The best way to install naxsi is to add it at the top of the configuration file. Moreover, don't forget to read carefully the github wiki about how to setup naxsi.


tar -zxvf naxsi-0.54/naxsi_src

./configure --add-module=/tmp/naxsi-0.54/naxsi_src

2. Fancyindex

This module has very similar functionalities to the pre-build autoindex module. It creates a listing of the available files in a location and can show the size of the file all in a stilish way.

For example I set up a location served by nginx and protected by basic auth access where with fancyindex I could list all my available mp4 movies and stream them to my devices. Cool right?!


tar -zxvf v0.3.6.tar.gz

./configure --add-module=/tmp/ngx-fancyindex-0.3.6


This module adds the possibility to setup a RMTP server. RMTP permits to stream images live or record them.

It can be a useful module to create life streams of security cameras.


tar -zxvf v1.1.7.tar.gz

./configure --add-module=/tmp/nginx-rtmp-module-1.1.7

This article was last updatated the 12/2/16