Tools for your Website

Here you can find some of the basic tools to manage your website on your own server.

1. SSH

In order to connect to the command line of your server you'll need ssh. SSH ensures the connection is secure throught the encryption of the traffic. The default ssh port is 22. If you use a mac to access the ssh server go to terminal > shell > new remote connection > secure shell ssh. If you instead use windows install PuTTY from


Sometimes you will nedd to transfer some data like images, scrips or html file, and to do so you need a secure way to your server. SFTP use the ssh port 22 to connect to your server and securely transfer the data. I suggest you to install FileZilla for both windows and mac. As an alternative, with mac you can open SFTP from the terminal options.

3. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor, you will need it to edit any file that will be upload to your server. It is a grate tool to code fast and efficiently.

This article was last updatated the 10/2/16